Monday, 3 January 2011

I could be massively successful, I just don't want to be

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the ultimate 'get out of jail' free card - I could be massively successful, I just don't want to be.

Note how it maintains the internal illusion of cleverness while subscribing to an approach that means I can be both lazy and feed my superiority/inferiority complexes simulaneously. Wahey!

Anyway, now that's out of the way, why do we not have politicians that are actually trained in the areas in which they are put in control of? Why is politics the only profession where you can be seen to be capable without actually being either an expert or a professional in that field?

Take for example my job - I like my job, I do what I like to do and what I have trained myself to do over a number of years - I still feel insecure and incompetent but I'm pretty sure that's just me. If someone came along with no understanding of what I do or the techniques, short-cuts and optimisation approaches that you need to do what I do, they would fail. So why do we hand decision control of complex problems to people who want to be politicians? The whole structure of the civil service is designed to stop people being specialised (when a civil servant becomes specialised they inevitably end up moving into the private sector, where they actually pay you appropriately for your specialised knowledge), yet we hand off everything, foreign policy, financial controls, decisions on sovereignty and the like.

Unfortunately one of the great proponents of the 'trained professional politicians' in the history of British politics was Oswald Mosley, whose other thoughts on the strengths of fascism kind of overshadowed his ideas. Whoops.

Oh, and while I am building up to a rant, thankyou Winston Bleedin Churchill. Yeah, he did a lot of good things and was appropriately rabidly jingoistic when we needed it most, but thanks to his 'Engineers should be on tap and not on top' speech industry now has a terribly top-heavy management. Thanks Winston, thanks a lot.

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