Monday, 17 January 2011

Reality is Interpretive and infinitely personalisable.

I just sat through an hour of BBC2 television where, gasp, they tried to screw with my understanding of reality and promised to SHOCK me with REVELATIONS about the nature of reality! (Their words not mine. Plus the capitalisation was provided through DUH DUH DUUUUUH! horrendous incidental musak).

What it actually was was an hour of frankly over-paid scientists putting forward some extremely odd and off the wall ideas about what makes reality, and what justifies their pay and time.

Thing is, I know what reality is. And everyone else does. Whether they find proof of Higgs-Bosun, or someone comes up with a explanation of the two filter/particle/wave experiment, it does not change the basic rules of what reality is.

Strap yourselves in. This is going to be fun.

Human beings are pretty much the same as every other piece of 'life' as we know it. We are reactive creatures, driven by the inputs of our senses to perform reactions and passive behaviours that we attribute to 'free-will' but really are nothing more than confused responses to too many inputs. Every single experience we have can be explained by the behavioural reaction of our sensory apparatus. And in that lies reality.

Quantum mechanics is a personal favourite of mine. I 'got' the concepts of Quantum as a kid, when I imagined that everytime I had screwed something up there was an infinite number of other me's who hadn't. I actually envied the 'other universe' Uths, who always seem to have a better time than me. But the point is this - there may well be multiple, or even infinite permutations of universes but we do not, and never will have, the physical apparatus to experience anything other than what we experience now. The whole point with Quantum Mechanics is that matter can take any form within it's possiblities, and actually takes *all* forms that are available to it, until you interact with it as which point all the infinite possibilities crash down to a single actuality which is what you see/hear/touch/sense. But what about this - when you are not looking at a piece of matter, it is always a sprout. When you look at it, it actualises down to the matter you are looking at, i.e. a rabbit or a cat, but when you are unaware of it it is always a sprout. Sounds mad? It's as provable a theory as quantum mechanics. Both are physically unprovable *until* you look at it.

There are some very good uses of Quantum Mechanics, and the theory is extremely cool, but at the end of the day, and I am getting to my point, the fact that applying a human sense to whatever it is you are experiencing forces it into an experiencable form raises the point I am trying to make, which is you can, and always will, only experience reality through the senses you have. So why does there have to be a higher meaning?

In the absence of there ever being any way for us to experience certain things, such as what happens at the event horizon of a black hole, people can pontificate to their heart's content - they will never be proven wrong, especially if they fall back on the 'infinite universes of which you can only see one!' crap.

There are multiple universes, and every single moment of every waking hour we make decisions that force these multiple, infinite universes to coalesce to the wonderful, down to earth stimuli that we use to experience life. Why complicate it further than that?

You have a set of tools provided to you by evolution for given reasons. We get worried and panic about things we couldn't possibly know because at some point in the dim and distant past all the people who didn't panic got wiped out by the thing they didn't fear before they had a chance to pass on their 'I can stare down a sabre-toothed tiger' genes to the next unfortunate. In fact, and I'll now use this moment to slide off into one of my favourite rants, there are two mechanisms by which we get programmed, Genes and Memes. Genetic behaviour you get from your chemical programming. Memetic behaviour is identical but you inherit it from your senses as you go through life. But I digress....

Reality is interpretive. Most people go through life trying to find the point, the man behind the curtain, the reason for why things are why they are. The truth is they are because they are, everything you experience you experience yourself, physically, and it is how you respond as an entity to these stimuli that makes you who you are, and what your personal reality, which no one else can ever experience in the same way you do, is to you.

Enjoy it, it doesn't last forever. And everything is a sprout until you look at it.


  1. I refuse to be a sprout when you're not looking at me. Otherwise, I like it. (I don't mind being a cat or a bird, or even a bit of lichen. But a sprout?)

  2. According to Quantum Mechanics you are all of those things, and everything else physically possible as well. But also a sprout unfortunately :-)

  3. I can live with being a sprout - at least it reduces the likelihood of my being eaten :D